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Dear User!
If you need any component, tool, or software other than those available on irDevelopers.com, you can send a request through completing the following form, and we will try to add that software or component to our website as far as possible.

Please pay attention to the following points before submitting your request:

  1. It is obvious that completing this form does not create any liability for our team, and the requested software and/or component will be added to the website only if it is possible.
  2. Please avoid repeated requests.
  3. We will give priority to .Net components.
  4. Please avoid sending requests for general softwares (We give priority to programming tools and softwares.)
  5. Enter the required information completely and carefully. Your request will not be considered in case of incomplete and/or incorrect information.
  6. Request consideration time can last longer than expected if the number of requests exceed the limit.
  7. An email will be sent to you when the requested crack is added to the website. Please enter you email correctly.

irDevelopers Team

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