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WintellectNOW Building ASP.NET Core Web UIs with Razor crack

Description Razor is a language for building views in ASP.NET Core apps. It combines elements of HTML and C# to make building cutting-edge Web UIs a breeze. Learn how to use it and how to extend it by writing custom HTML helpers and custom tag helpers. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:01:15  Razor in a Nutshell 00:03:24  A Tour of Razor Using the Default Templates (Demo) 00:11:57  Partial Views 00:13:42  Building ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for ASP.NET Part 1 Introduction crack

Description Infragistics' NetAdvantage ASP.NET Toolset simplifies the process of building rich, scalable ASP.NET apps whose UIs rival those of desktop apps. In Part 1 of this series, you'll learn about the numerous controls included in the toolset and go hands-on to build your first NetAdvantage ASP.NET application. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:41  Introducing the NetAdvantage ASP.NET Toolset 00:03:38  Installation ...

WintellectNOW NetAdvantage for WPF Part 1 Overview crack

Everything you need to get started with NetAdvantage for WPF, including installation and overview. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:15  What You’ll Learn 00:00:31  Labs 00:00:40  Introducing NetAdvantage for WPF 00:01:11  Introducing NetAdvantage for .NET WPF Toolset 00:03:05  Installation 00:03:37  Supports and Services 00:04:02  Samples – XAM showcase 00:04:15  Samples – ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

Java EE 8 Cookbook by Elder Moraes

Java EE 8 Cookbook by Elder Moraes crack

Book Description Java EE is a collection of technologies and APIs to support Enterprise Application development. The choice of what to use and when can be dauntingly complex for any developer. This book will help you master this. Packed with easy to follow recipes, this is your guide to becoming productive with Java EE 8. You will begin by seeing the latest features of Java EE 8, including major Java EE 8 APIs and specifications such as JSF 2.3, and ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week

Seven NoSQL Databases in a Week crack

Book Description This is the golden age of open source NoSQL databases. With enterprises having to work with large amounts of unstructured data and moving away from expensive monolithic architecture, the adoption of NoSQL databases is rapidly increasing. Being familiar with the popular NoSQL databases and knowing how to use them is a must for budding DBAs and developers. This book introduces you to the different types of NoSQL databases and gets you ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

WintellectNOW Introduction to NServiceBus

WintellectNOW Introduction to NServiceBus crack

Description NServiceBus is a .NET Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) that simplifies the task of building highly distributed, highly scalable, and highly reliable applications. Come along for the ride as Mitch Harpur introduces NServiceBus and discusses architectural strategies for exploiting this style of distributed computing. Table of Contents 00:00:00  Introduction 00:00:45  Agenda 00:03:17  Reliability in Systems 00:06:15  Things ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

WintellectNOW Introduction to WinDBG

WintellectNOW Introduction to WinDBG crack

What are the top three things you care about as a .NET Developer? It’s not vacation, pay, and benefits. The most important thing is MEMORY. The second most important issue is MEMORY, and the third is MEMORY! The better you understand .NET memory usage, the easier time you will have debugging. Unfortunately, there’s nothing in Visual Studio that shows you what your memory issues are and how to deal with them. To deal with memory problems, ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

WintellectNOW Data Visualization and MVVM

WintellectNOW Data Visualization and MVVM crack

Part 4 of Charles Petzold’s course on XAML focuses on data, first examining the power of data templates in content controls and items controls, and the art of defining visual trees that give a visual dimension to data. With a little shift in perspective, a data template becomes a ViewModel, and allows XAML to form a crucial part in the popular MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) application architecture. The video concludes with a tour de force data ...

WintellectNOW Introduction to Windows Image Processing APIs crack

The digital imaging market has exploded in the last few years. We'll take nearly 400 billion photographs this year alone. With this tremendous interest in photography, developers are expected to provide support for a growing number of image processing functions. Fortunately, the Windows platform provides a rich environment for image processing. In this video, we survey each of the image processing APIs. We'll look at what makes each one unique, how ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

WintellectNOW Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

WintellectNOW Introduction to ASP.NET Web API crack

Until ASP.NET Web API came along, the ideal way to create web services in .NET was to use Windows Communication Foundation. And while WCF added support for RESTful services with POX (Plain Old XML) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), it did little to simplify a framework which was built on SOAP and came to be regarded as complicated and difficult to configure properly. For this reason, Microsoft introduced the ASP.NET Web API, based on the popular ...

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