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irDevelopers.com website is the largest warez resource for software developers and programmers in the world. We provide our users with the most up-to-date and Full Version .Net, Delphi, and other software development tools.

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AnyChart v8.3.0 (10 Jul 2018) JavaScript Charts crack

AnyChart v8.3.0 (10 Jul 2018) JavaScript Charts   AnyChart JavaScript Charts designed to be embedded and integrated AnyChart  is a  lightweight and robust JavaScript charting library  with great API, documentation, and enterprise-grade support.  It's been developed since 2003 with one main idea - it should be easy for any developer to integrate beautiful charts into  any mobile, desktop or web product . As a result, AnyChart ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

WCFStorm v3.0

WCFStorm v3.0 crack

WCFStorm v3.0 + CRACK   WCF Service Testing with WcfStorm WcfStorm is a dead-simple, easy-to-use test workbench for WCF Services. It supports all bindings (except webHttp) including netTcpBinding, wsHttpBinding and namedPipesBinding to name a few. It also lets you create and functional and performance test cases thus ensuring that your WCF Services are bug-free and functioning exactly as you've designed .      Getting Started ...

For GOLD or higher VIP users

ExtJS v6.5.0 Commercial

ExtJS v6.5.0 Commercial crack

ExtJS v6.5.0 Commercial   With Ext JS, create data-intensive HTML5 applications using JavaScript Sencha Ext JS provides everything a developer needs to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. Ext JS leverages HTML5 features on modern browsers. Ext JS features 115+ high-performance, pre-tested and integrated UI components including calendar, grids, charts and more. The Ext JS Grid and Advanced Charting package can handle millions ...

Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet Pro v5.0.0 (11 July 2018) crack

Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet Pro v5.0.0 (11 July 2018) + Crack JavaScript Spreadsheet Most popular component for data-rich web apps Spreadsheet experience Handsontable provides a spreadsheet experience you are already familiar with. Start working effectively from day one. Created for developers Handsontable is designed to be easy to implement, and as customizable as possible. It includes a comprehensive API, useful tutorials, and both community ...

Hot For GOLD or higher VIP users

Skybound Stylizer v7.17.1104.61 (x86 & x64)

Skybound Stylizer v7.17.1104.61 (x86 & x64) crack

Skybound Stylizer v7.17.1104.61 (x86 & x64) + Crack UNDERSTAND  &  ENJOY CSS Stylizer helps you style websites in a fraction of the time. Space bar, click anywhere, style anything Bullseye transforms your workflow into an efficient process of point, click, and code. Learn More Immediate previewbefore you even save Your style sheets open automatically and your changes appear instantly—as you type, click, or drag the mouse ...

Hot For DIAMOND or higher VIP users

amCharts v4.0

amCharts v4.0 crack

amCharts v4.0 + Crack Anything can be anything Nest chart elements. Include multiple basic or advanced shapes into other elements. Want to add another chart into column? No problem. Add tree SVG images and a label as bullet for a line series? Sure, why not.   Everything configurable Numerous configuration options allows inventive uses, bordering on new chart types.   Element states Easily change how element looks like under different circumstances, ...

Hot For DIAMOND or higher VIP users

amCharts v3.21.13

amCharts v3.21.13 crack

amCharts v3.21.13 + Crack A go-to library for data visualization. When you don’t have time to learn new technologies. When you need a simple yet powerful and flexible drop-in data visualization solution. FEATURES: Powerful data-viz Advanced serial charts We made it easy to display complex data visualizations. Combine various graph types on a single chart. Create clusters, or stacks, or clusters of stacks. Control the widths, open and close ...


JQWidgets v5.7.2

JQWidgets v5.7.2 crack

JQWidgets v5.7.2 + Crack jQuery Widgets for PC, Mobile and Touch Devices What is jQWidgets? jQWidgets represents a framework based on jQuery for building web-based applications that run on PC, Touch and Mobile devices. jQWidgets includes more than 60 UI widgets. jQWidgets is not a modified version of the jQuery UI toolkit. All widgets are designed from ground-up and based on a powerful common core. The framework core provides fundamental capabilities ...


RadiantQ JQuery Gantt Package v7.0

RadiantQ JQuery Gantt Package v7.0 crack

RadiantQ JQuery Gantt Package v7.0 + Crack jQuery Gantt Package is a truly cross-platform, native  HTML5/jQuery  based implementation with 2 distinct gantt widgets for all your gantt based visualization needs. Also comes with a  ASP.NET WebControl  and as an  MVC extension  for easy integration in your existing apps. Use the  Project Gantt  for visualizing a hierarchical list of tasks with built in support ...


DWKit Core Ultimate v2.1.2 (29 June 2018)

DWKit Core Ultimate v2.1.2 (29 June 2018) crack

DWKit Core Ultimate v2.1.2 (29 June 2018) + Crack An open source BPM system DWKit is a .NET open source BPM system made with simplicity and flexibility in mind. DWKit allows you to model, automate and execute mission-critical business processes, whatever industry you’re operating in. A ready-made BPM solution is often not enough to satisfy your business requirements. Be it the need to ensure regulatory compliance or to build custom logic that ...

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