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Download ProfDhtmlEdit

Download ProfDhtmlEdit crack

The ProfDHTMLEdit component allows application developers to add WYSIWYG DHTML editing capabilities to their applications. The component uses Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM) technology to provide access to editing services such as basic HTML formatting, tables, undo and redo, etc. The ProfDHTMLEdit component uses Microsoft Internet Explorer to parse and render HTML, so the editing environment provides a faithful representation of what the ...

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Download CoolControls for .Net 4.0

Download CoolControls for .Net 4.0 crack

Cool Content Pager Easily paginate your HTML content. Cool Content Pager is an ASP.NET control that allows you to easily divide your static content over multiple pages, navigate to pages directly, show or hide page numbers, enable browser history feature (allows users to use the back button of the web browser), change the arrow and page color and auto-adjust to Right-to-left languages. Cool URL Input Add URL Infor to your text input. Cool URL Input ...

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Download PostSharp 4.1.14 with Patch

Download PostSharp 4.1.14 with Patch crack

PostSharp automates the implementation of patterns so they don't turn into boilerplate. It allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machine. PostSharp contains ready-made implementations of the most common patterns and gives you the tools to build automation for your own patterns.   Developers usually  think  in terms of design patterns, but with conventional programming languages, they ...

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Download EhLib 8.0.014 for XE8

Download EhLib 8.0.014 for XE8 crack

List of components and classes EhLib 8.0  contains components and classes for Borland Delphi 7, 9, 2005, 2006, CodeGear Delphi, CodeGear RAD Studio, Embarcadero RAD Studio, intended to increase capacity of the client part of database application in part of interaction with applications user. TDBGridhEh Provides all functionality of TDBGrid and adds several new features as follows: Allows to select records, columns and rectangle areas. Special ...

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Download Almediadev DynamicSkinForm 13.02

Download Almediadev DynamicSkinForm 13.02 crack

Stable, multifunctional package for multimedia and standard applications. Excelent GUI, which fully independent from the system! Unique solution for Delphi and C++Builder to create multimedia applications as iTunes, WinAmp and more! Opportunities for skins is limited only by your imagination! application can have one or different skins for windows custom skins (as WinAmp, iTunes) and standard applications excellent performance and small demands on ...

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Download TVideoGrabber v9.1.1.4

Download TVideoGrabber v9.1.1.4 crack

TVideoGrabber   is a video capture / media player component for developers working with C#, VB, C++, Delphi, C++Builder, and ActiveX-compatible development tools. Powerful and simple to use, TVideoGrabber will help you to save time, money and effort to include video and/or audio capabilities in your project. TVideoGrabber captures and records video and audio streams from HD USB webcams, USB analog capture devices, IP cameras, HD cameras and camcorders, ...

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Download Traysoft AddTapi.NET 5.1

Download Traysoft AddTapi.NET 5.1 crack

With AddTapi.NET you can easily add telephony features to your C#, VB.NET or C++ application. AddTapi.NET has everything you need to develop telephony applications such as: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems Caller ID Applications Voice Mail Systems Phone Dialers Call Recorders Notification Systems Call Tracking Applications Phone Surveys AddTapi.NET wraps Microsoft Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) and provides a set of easy-to-use ...

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Download XAML Spy 2.6.0 + Crack

Download XAML Spy 2.6.0 + Crack crack

Spending too much time trying to figure out issues in your app's user interface? Use XAML Spy, and you will know the answer in minutes. XAML Spy provides a real-time view of your app's state. Examine and modify the properties of any element on-the-fly and see the changes reflected immediately in the running app. Do you want to browse files in the isolated storage? Want access to the UI automation tree? Need to understand your app's visual tree? Use ...

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Download Syncfusion Orubase

Download Syncfusion Orubase crack

Orubase is a complete solution for developing hybrid mobile applications using Microsoft Visual Studio and Apache Cordova. It includes a rich suite of user interface components optimized for building line-of-business applications. Orubase ships with more than 30 pixel-perfect HTML 5-javascript user interface controls that provide a native appearance on any mobile device.   Seamless integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, Apache Cordova, and ...

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Download PsRBExportDevices Pro 11.08

Download PsRBExportDevices Pro 11.08 crack

Professional Export Devices for ReportBuilder! The perfect ReportBuilder exporting companion! Export your ReportBuilder reports to PDF, HTML, XHTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF.   Features Built-in run-time configuration dialogs, give full control to the end-user Selective exclusion of types of elements from appearing in the exported document Background images/watermarks & background color for the exported document Built-in support ...

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