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Telerik JustCode v2013.3.1316

Telerik JustCode v2013.3.1316 crack

JustCode  is a Visual Studio extension that provides on-the-spot code analysis and error checking, smart navigation and refactoring. So you code faster. JustCode is unobtrusive and integrates seamlessly with your natural work-flow. Quick hints, code generation, unit test runner and smart refactorings improve your code on the spot. So you code smarter. Higher Productivity Instant solution-wide code analysis and error check reduce and resolve errors ...

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Ext.Net 2.3.1 Pro with MVC

Ext.Net 2.3.1 Pro with MVC crack

Ext.NET is an advanced ASP.NET (WebForms + MVC) component framework integrating the cross-browser Sencha Ext JS javascript Library. If you are looking to build a rich, modern web application with cutting edge web technologies, unparalleled cross-browser compatibility and an advanced MVC architecture then Ext.NET is for you! Ext.NET is built for developers, by developers. We provide hundreds of Demos in our Examples Explorer. Need a little support? ...

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LMD VCL Complete 2013.5

LMD VCL Complete 2013.5 crack

LMD VCL Complete  includes all current LMD Innovative VCL(.NET) main products including all standalone packs. To review a complete list of all changes check out the What's new section on our public LMD Wiki. Actually all features of the following main products are included: LMD-Tools LMD ElPack LMD IDE-Tools NG Complete A Site License package covers unlimited number of developers in same organization at one location. Besides the LMD VCL Complete ...

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Lynda C# Design Patterns

Lynda C# Design Patterns crack

Implementing design patterns in C# keeps code clean, concise, and easy to maintain. Using design patterns establishes consistency that helps developers build and modify code safely and avoid common architecting problems. Being able to recognize design patterns expedites the process of understanding an existing system. Using design patterns improves code readability and testability, while making it more extensible. In this course, developer and technologist ...

Treehouse C# Basics crack

About this Course In this course you will gain all the knowledge you will need to build an interactive command line program in C#. No prior programming experience is required. You'll create a program that keeps a running total of how much exercise you've done. In doing so you'll learn the basics of programming in C#. What you'll learn Building a simple console application Writing and reading to/from the console Variables, conditionals, loops, and exceptions

Udemy C# Programming for Unity Game Development crack

Course Description Learn to use Unity and C Sharp ( C# ) to create a basic game. This course makes Unity fun not scary. Learn to Use Unity Learn to create a working scene inside of Unity. Understand how to start writing code. Learn the way to write AI in Unity. Recognize what the main windows of Unity do. Learn how to use some of the complex parts of Unity like Raycasts and State Machines Starting as a beginner Many people want to start programming ...

Lynda C# with .NET Programming crack

Author: Alexander Zanfir Released: 6/28/2016 Skill Level: Intermediate If you've programmed in C#, you've already used part of .NET. Microsoft's object-oriented language is an integral part of the framework. But there are many other features of .NET that can make your development workflow more productive and efficient. This training course will help you learn the essentials of .NET programming with C#—techniques that use .NET features to ...

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WPCubed WPTools v8.10.1 for D7-D10.3 Rio

WPCubed WPTools v8.10.1 for D7-D10.3 Rio crack

WPCubed WPTools v8.10.1 for D7-D10.3 Rio + Crack WPTools is a native Delphi text control to integrate word processing and reporting into your application. Combined with our PDF creator  wPDF  and the  DocX support units  you have a powerful component set to convert RTF,  DOCX , HTML, XML to PDF. The central part of the VCL control  WPTools  is a complete RTF WYSIWYG word processing control which is surprisingly ...

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Pluralsight Exploring C# 6 with Jon Skeet

Pluralsight Exploring C# 6 with Jon Skeet crack

Jon Skeet of Stackoverflow.com fame joins Rob Conery to drill into some of the new features of C# 6. Along the way he'll discuss past versions of C# and give interesting examples of how to use some of the new features.

Pluralsight C# Best Practices: Collections and Generics crack

When building applications we often deal with groups of things: a user's preferences, a customer's orders, or a product's color choices. To implement these groups of things in C#, we use collections. And to get the most from collections, we need to leverage generics. This course covers how, when, why, and best practices for using C# collections and generics, including arrays, generic interfaces, LINQ, delegates, and Lambda expressions.

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