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Atalasoft .NET SDK v11.1.0.3 build 377 (16 Apr 2019) DotImage, DotPDF, Barcode, OCR & All add-ons + CRACK crack

AAtalasoft .NET SDK v11.1.0.3 build 377 (16 Apr 2019) DotImage, DotPDF, Barcode, OCR & All add-ons + Crack Atalasoft's DotImage SDK provides robust viewing technology for captured documents. Scan, view, convert, edit, annotate, and transform paper and electronic documents in your desktop and web applications.   WEB DOCUMENT VIEWING DotImage includes HTML5 viewers and javascript controls to open, view, and interact with documents in any modern ...


EVO PDF Images Extractor for .NET v7.0 Retail

EVO PDF Images Extractor for .NET v7.0 Retail crack

EVO PDF Images Extractor for .NET v7.0 Retail EVO PDF Images Extractor can be used in any type of .NET application to extract images from a PDF document. The integration with existing .NET applications is extremely easy and no installation is necessary. The downloaded archive contains the assembly for .NET and a demo application. The full C# source code of the demo application is available in the Samples folder. The extractor produces .NET Image ...

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Download Red Gate .NET Toolbelt

Download Red Gate .NET Toolbelt crack

ANTS Performance Profiler Pro Get a complete picture of your application's performance and find bottlenecks in the code or database. ANTS Memory Profiler Find memory leaks within minutes and optimize the memory usage of your C# and VB.NET code. .NET Reflector VSPro Understand and debug any 3rd party code, including frameworks, components, and libraries. .NET Demon Get super-fast builds and see errors as you introduce them with continuous intelligent ...

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Download dotBundle

Download dotBundle crack

dotBundle В©   is a compressor/packer software for .NET executables (Windows Forms and Console Applications). Compress & encrypt your .NET application Embed your .NET libraries Protect access to your application with a password Windows Forms & Console applications support Easy to use GUI What is it doing? Executable and dlls compression & encryption. Merge all your files into one single executable. Protect usage of your application ...

TeamDev DotNetBrowser v1.20.0 (01 Apr 2019) Retail crack

TeamDev DotNetBrowser v1.20.0 (01 Apr 2019) Retail Integrate a Chromium-based browser with your  .NET app to display and process HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flash etc. Why DotNetBrowser? PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT Your questions are promptly handled by the development team. EXPLICIT API AND DOCS Easy-to-use  API ,   Quick Start Guides ,  and extensive  Documentation BEST TECHNOLOGY CHOICE Is based on a WebKit successor, ...

Dotnet IL Editor crack

Dotnet IL Editor is a software application that provides users with a simple means of disassembling .NET applications, making changes to the IL code, recompiling it and running it inside a debugger. The upper hand of a portable app You are not required to go through the installation process, as this tool is portable. As a result, it is not going to add any new entries to the Windows registry without your approval. Moreover, by placing the program ...

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DotNetBar crack

DotNetBar   is world's first component to introduce fully featured Office 2013, Office 2010, Windows 7 and Office 2007 style Ribbon controls, first to provide full Windows XP Theme support, first to provide Diamond Docking Guides for dockable windows etc. With DotNetBar you always get latest advancements in user interface technology in your applications before anyone else. Don't take our word for it, read what others are saying about our products ...

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Pluralsigh Hadoop for .NET Developers

Pluralsigh Hadoop for .NET Developers crack

Big Data is an established discipline, and every company can benefit from storing and analyzing large amounts of data to improve their products and services. Hadoop is the key technology in Big Data, but it's too often seen as something which is only for Java and Linux people. This course, Hadoop for .NET Developers, will teach you how to use this key technology. First, you'll learn how to bring Hadoop into a Microsoft environment. You'll also discover ...

Firecoresoft Slideshow Fairy 1.0.3 Build 12.11.2013 crack

Create Web-ready Photo Slideshow Flash Gallery Effortlessly Firecoresoft Slide Fairy is a wonderful photo slideshow maker, allowing users to create stylish and attractive photo slideshow with a few simple steps. Users can not only load single or multiple images, but can embed audio file into the app to set it as the background music as well. Apart from providing piles of 2D/3D templates with different cool effects, this great Flash photo slideshow ...

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Download Agile .NET

Download Agile .NET crack

Agile.NET   code protection solution offers better protection for your .NET code by providing a protection that goes beyond standard obfuscation methods. Our advanced code protection technology delivers a layered protection approach that combines our patented code virtualization technology, code encryption, obfuscation, and anti-reverse engineering countermeasures embedded into existing application code.   Unbreakable Code Protection Agile.net ...

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