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EurekaLog Professional Retail

EurekaLog Professional Retail crack

EurekaLog is the new Delphi and C++Builder exception tracer tool that gives your application (GUI, Console, Web, etc.) the power to catch all exceptions, memory leaks and detect infinite-loops and deadlocks. It generates a detailed log with the call stack at the point that raised the exception, showing unit, class, method and line number, (see this example), and displays it on screen and optionally sends it back to you via email or to a Web Server (using the HTTP-S/FTP protocols or sending directly to your preferred "Web Bug Tracker" software), thus helping speed up the process of bug-location and resolution by a factor of 10!

EurekaLog is easy to use because it's fully integrated into the IDE - just enable EurekaLog for your application and rebuild your application to add EurekaLog's features. EurekaLog does not affect application performance (it runs only when an exception occurs) and increases compiled file size by just 0.5% - 4% (it uses this space to store some additional, compressed and encrypted debugging information). You do not need to distribute any additional files with your EurekaLog-enabled application.

EurekaLog 7.2 Hotfix 1 (, 3-April-2015
1)....Fixed: Wrong float-str convertion when ThousandSeparator is '.'

EurekaLog 7.2 (, 1-April-2015
1)....Important: TEurekaLogV7 component was renamed to TEurekaLogEvents. Please, update your projects by renaming or recreating the component
2)....Important: File layout was changed for BDS 2006+. Delphi and C++ Builder files are now located in StudioNum folders instead of old DelphiNum and CBuilderNum folders. Update your search paths if needed
3)....Added: Major improvements in DumpAllocationsToFile function (EMemLeaks unit)
4)....Added: MemLeaksSetParentBlock, MemLeaksOwn, EurekaTryGetMem functions (EMemLeaks unit)
5)....Added: Improvements for call stack of dynarrays/strings allocations (leaks)
6)....Added: "Elem size" when reporting leaks in dynarrays
7)....Added: Streaming unpacked debug info into temporal files instead of memory - this greatly reduces run-time application memory usage at cost of slightly slower exception processing. This also reduces memory footprint for ecc32/emake
8)....Added: Showing call stacks for 2 new types of fatal memory errors
9)....Added: EMemLeaks._ReserveOutOfMemory to control reserve size of out of memory errors (default is 50 Mb)
10)...Added: "MinLeaksLimitObjs" option (EMemLeaks unit)
11)...Added: Fatal memory problem now pauses all threads in application
12)...Added: Fatal memory problem now change thread name (to simplify debugging)
13)...Added: boPauseELThreads and boDoNotPauseELServiceThread options (currently not visible in UI)
14)...Added: Support for texts collections out of default path
15)...Added: Support for relative file paths to text collections and external settings
16)...Added: Support for environment variables in project option's paths
17)...Added: Support for relative file paths and environment variables for events and various module paths
18)...Added: Logging in Manage tool
19)...Added: Windows 10 version detection
20)...Added: Stack overflow tracing
21)...Added: Major improvements in removal of recursive areas from call stack
22)...Added: Statistics collection
23)...Added: Support for uploading multiple files in JIRA
24)...Added: EResLeaks improvements (new funcs: ResourceAdd, ResourceDelete, ResourceName; support for realloc-like functions)
25)...Fixed: Added workaround for bug in JIRA 5.x
26)...Fixed: Rare EurekaLog internal error
27)...Fixed: Ignored unhandled thread exceptions (when EurekaLog is disabled) now triggers default OS processing (WER)
28)...Fixed: Irnored exceptions (via per-exception/events) now bring up default RTL handler
29)...Fixed: Format error in Viewer
30)...Fixed: Leak of EurekaLog exception information object
31)...Fixed: Wrong chaining exceptions inside GetMem/FreeMem
32)...Fixed: Memory leak after low-level unhook of function
33)...Fixed: Re-parenting after ReallocMem
34)...Fixed: Editing SMTP server options
35)...Fixed: SMTP server not using real user e-mail in FROM field
36)...Fixed: Some multi-threading crashes
37)...Fixed: Fixed crashes in Manage tool
38)...Fixed: Range-check error in Viewer
39)...Fixed: EurekaLog error dialog appearing under other windows
40)...Fixed: AV when parsing TDS (emake/C++ Builder specific)
41)...Fixed: Unable to build call stacks for other threads due to insufficient rights
42)...Fixed: Version checks for BugZilla and JIRA
43)...Fixed: Not catching out-of-module AVs when "Capture exceptions only from current module" option is checked
44)...Fixed: Checking for remaining exceptions at shutdown (C++ Builder specific, AcquireExceptionObject returns wrong info)
45)...Fixed: "get call stack of ... threads" / "suspend ... threads" options (avoid rare multithreading race conditions)
46)...Fixed: Crash when naming thread without EurekaLog thread info
47)...Fixed: Detection of immediate caller for memory funcs
48)...Fixed: Non-working Assign for options
49)...Fixed: Handling of explicitly chained exceptions
50)...Fixed: Various exception/threading fixes for MS debug provider
51)...Fixed: Processing hardware unhandled exceptions (QC #55007)
52)...Fixed: Unchecking dialog options when export/import
53)...Fixed: BSTR leak
54)...Fixed: JIRA decimal separator bug
55)...Changed: Now unhandled exceptions will be handled by EurekaLog even if EurekaLog is disabled in the thread - only global EurekaLog-enabled status is respected
56)...Changed: Viewer version now matches version of EurekaLog
57)...Changed: DeleteServiceFilesOption now always False by default
58)...Changed: Speed improvements for known memory leaks (reserved leaks)
59)...Changed: Improved logging for sending
60)...Changed: Switching to detailed mode without entering (mandatory) e-mail: now EL will not block this
61)...Changed: .ToString for exception info now uses compact stack formatter
62)...Removed: Custom field editor (replaced it with link to "Custom" page)
63)...Removed: EurekaLog 7 no longer could be installed over EurekaLog 6. Manage tool from EurekaLog 7 will no longer work with EurekaLog 6.
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Rate : 5.0/5 based on 17
Download: 51
Visit: 2,209
Categories: Delphi

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