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TeamDev DotNetBrowser v1.9.0.0

TeamDev DotNetBrowser v1.9.0.0 crack

DotNetBrowser cracked version allows you to integrate your .NET app with a Chromium-based browser in order to display and process HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Flash etc.


WPF / WinForms Control

DotNetBrowser cracked version provides .NET WPF / WinForms Control that can be embedded into .NET Applications to display HTML content including modern web pages.

Multi-Process Architecture

DotNetBrowser cracked version inherits Chromium Multi-Process Architecture. It means that every web page is rendered in separate Chromium Render process. Actually all native functionality is running in separate native processes. It means that Chromium will not use memory of your .NET application.

Load Handler

With LoadHandler you can handle any load activity including filtering all URLs loaded in Browser component.

Bidirectional JavaScript to .NET Bridge

You can execute JavaScript code on the loaded web page and return the result of execution to the .NET side. You can register new JavaScript functions and associate them with .NET methods. Every time JavaScript invokes this function an appropriate .NET method will be applied.

SSL Certificate Dialogs

DotNetBrowser API allows handling SSL X.509 Client Certificates.

DOM Access

DOM API provides functionality that can be used for accessing and modifying DOM, finding particular nodes, modifying their attributes and contents, listening to DOM events and even more – all without the need to use JavaScript.

Display Web Accurately

Web page is rendered by Chromium engine. Because of this web pages will look exactly as in Google Chrome.

Browser Events Listeners

You can listen to different web browser events such as start loading frame, finish loading frame, fail loading frame, document loaded in main frame, title and status change events etc.

Resource Handler

With ResourceHandler you can handle process of loading resources such as HTML, images, JavaScript, etc.

Popups Handler

All popup windows can be handled with PopupHandler. You decide whether popup window should be displayed or not and how exactly it should be displayed (e.g. in a separate window, in your application tab etc.).

Plugin Manager

Using PluginManager API you can get information about all available plugins and enable/disable them.

HTML to Image

Take a screenshot, and even capture an image of the complete web page.

Geolocation and Google API support

Use Google Maps™ Geolocation API and work with Google Maps.

Printing API

Customize the printing of the loaded web pages from both JS and .NET.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Support

DotNetBrowser cracked version supports all the modern web standards including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In general it supports the same web standards as Google Chrome™.

JavaScript Dialogs Handler

The JavaScript dialogs such as alert, confirmation, prompt, beforeunload, file upload dialog can be handled using DialogHandler. You can choose whether a JavaScript dialog should be displayed or not and what the dialog should look like.

Save Web Page

The Browser.SaveWebPage() allows you to save the loaded web page as a set of files.

Console Listener

Using the ConsoleMessageEvent you can listen to console messages with different levels such as DEBUG, LOG, WARNING or ERROR, to get notifications about JavaScript errors on the loaded web page.

Modify User Agent

With DotNetBrowser cracked version you can modify browser’s User-Agent string that will be sent to a web server.

XPath Support

Evaluate XPath expressions in scope of the whole document or a specific node.

HTML5 Desktop Notifications

NotificationHandler allows you to tackle the situation when web page wants to display desktop notifications. You decide whether the web page is allowed to display notifications or not.



نسخه کرک شده DotNetBrowser، مرورگر مبتنی بر Chromium را با اپلیکیشن دات نت شما ادغام می کند. به این ترتیب نمایش و پردازش HTML5، CSS3، JavaScript، Flash، و غیره را میسر می سازد.

ویژگی ها و قابلیت های نسخه کرک DotNetBrowser

  • کنترل WPF/WinForms
  • معماری چند مرحله ای
  • Load Handler
  • پل ارتباطی دوطرفه مابین جاوااسکریپ و دات نت
  • دیالوگهای گواهینامه SSL
  • دسترسی به DOM
  • نمایش دقیق وب
  • امکان گوش کردن به browser event ها
  • Resource Handler
  • Popups Handler
  • مدیریت پلاگین
  • تبدیل HTML به تصویر
  • پشتیبانی از منطقه جغرافیایی و Google API
  • پرینت کردن API
  • پشتیبانی از HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • JavaScript Dialogs Handler
  • ذخیره سازی صفحه وب
  • امکان گوش کردن به پیغام های Console
  • ایجاد تغییرات و اصلاحات در User Agent
  • پشتیبانی از XPath
  • مدیریت پیغام های HTML5 در دسکتاپ


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