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SSMSBoost for SSMS 2008 v2.11.5079.39568

SSMSBoost for SSMS 2008 v2.11.5079.39568 crack

SSMS Boost add-in is designed to improve productivity when working with Microsoft SQL Server in SQL Server Management Studio. The main goal of project is to speed-up daily tasks of SQL DBA and T-SQL developers. You will realize, that plug-in will save you hundreds of mouse-clicks and key strokes every day !

Add-in is available as full featured, free edition and as a professional edition.
You do not need to compare editions: they are the same in the functionality.
Buying the Professional license you greatly support our project and give us the possibility to improve it further !

After first public release in April 2012 our add-in rapidly gained popularity among SQL Server developers and DBA's, looking for stable, convenient and lightweight environment to work with SQL Server. The key point is that such environment already exists: SQL Server Management Studio is most stable and compatible tool because it is being developed by Microsoft itself and SSMSBoost just does some tuning to make it even better.

SSMSBoost performs search for valid identifiers at cursor location and allows you to select, which one you want to script. If you select part of the identifier - SSMSBoost will perform no search and will use selected text as object identifier.
If you would like to change the default Keyboard Shortcut for the "Script Object" feature you can do that using Shortcuts Editor feature of SSMSBoost (required only in SSMS 2008 as far as SSMS 2012 has built-in shortcuts editor).

ابزاری برای تسهیل کار با MSSql Server
Post Details:
Rate : 3.0/5 based on 22
Download: 66
Visit: 4,099
Categories: Database

Download Link(s)
File(s) size: 1.3 MB

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